Add ettv protocol support to etlded - ettv client can connect to etlded server and players can join and view the game.

  • ettv demo recording is possible

  • add cvar sv_etltv_maxslaves “Number of ettv slaves allowed to connect.” - ettv_sv_maxslaves equivalent

  • add cvar sv_etltv_password “Password for ettv slaves. Must be set, or no slaves will be able to connect.” - ettv_password equivalent

  • add cvar g_etltv_flags “Bitflag 1 and 2. 1 = prevent slaves from being kicked. 2 = grant shoutcaster status to slaves.”

  • removed CVAR_SERVERINFO from g_fixedphysics, g_fixedphysicsfps, g_pronedelay, g_floodProtection, sv_floodProtect, sv_userInfoFloodProtect. Server info is too long and can crash ettv slave so until etltv is a thing it needs to get shorter.

Add legacy tvgame as replacment for etpro tvgame

  • players can join ettv server connected to etlded server and watch and chat about the game

  • most commands supported with some flood protection in place - up to change in the future still

  • slave server support for 64 player server max right now (it’s not realy an issue I believe but it’s low priority for me)

  • ignore/unignore commands not added right now but can turn on/off chat with /tvchat

  • /players and /viewers commands

  • /follow [id/name] or just classic legacy mod following (minus aim and follow whoever is under crosshair)

  • rcon and ref for muting/kicking viewers

  • LUA is “in” but disabled